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Restrict access to a specific form

I have 5 public forms and 100 registered users. "The guest access is disabled".

Currently the 100 registered users can create tickets for the 5 forms, however,

I need to create a new form, but of the 100 registered users, only 10 have access to a form. It's posible?

From Chile


  • I think this could be an interesting idea to restrict the helptopics based on what organization you belong too.
    But as far as i know there is no way at the moment but you could try the below quick and dirty method.

    Look in this file:

                    if($topics=Topic::getPublicHelpTopics()) {
                        foreach($topics as $id =>$name) {
                            if($topic->getId() != 6 || ($topic->getId() == 6 && $thisclient-getOrgId() == 2)) {
                                echo sprintf('<option value="%d" %s>%s</option>',
                                        $id, ($info['topicId']==$id)?'selected="selected"':'', $name);

    This should prevent the options from appearing for the end user if the id of the special organization is 2 and the id of the form is 6.
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