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time tracking

sorry for my bad english.

My little suggestione is the ability to track total time for each ticket based on single time recorded on all activity of this ticket.

When i reply a ticket i can manually sign the time need to solve a problem.

The system calculate the total.

I attach 2 screenshot from software I actually use so you can understand better what i try to explain.

Thanks and good job :)


  • edited April 12
    ops sorry ... screenshot
    757 x 435 - 90K
    511 x 259 - 22K
  • Great this is exaclty what i mean ...

    Do you know if it will be implemented in stable versions in near future ... ?

    Thanks for reply
  • I have not heard that it is going to be accepted.  Personally I think that it should be turned into a plugin, but that's just my opinion and not the opinion of the devs.
  • edited April 14
    I think that is an important feature useful for a lot of people that use this kind of product.
  • Yes, I agree it's an important feature!
  • So we can only hope that developers in the future implement this funcionality :)
  • Or that the pull request author transmogrifies the PR into a plugin.
  • I prefer that the developer implement natually in the product maybe a plugin can be a good solution too :)
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