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SLA change status update


I would like to know if there is any way to stop the SLA Chane from showing up in the ticket thred other then editing the code itself?

If it has to be done via code, could someone point me in the right direction.


  • It doesn't show up in the ticket thread.  It shows up in the internal notes.
  • Here is what the user is seeing, we do not want the user to see it just the agents. pls refer to screen shot.

    Thatnks again for the response in a timly maner @ntozier
  • There is no way to suppress these messages at this time.
  • Okay thank you for the info.

    I will check the code and see what I can do for a modification.

    When successful, I'll upload it to the mods section.
  • Soudns good to me. :)
  • Haven't tested this but you can try and comment out this line:
  • Thank you @Micke1101 that helped a lot.

    Here is what we ended with 

    in Support/include/class.threas.php from 'sla_id' => array(__('SLA'), array('SLA', 'getSLAName')), 
    To 'sla_id' => array(__('SLA'), array('SLA')),

    The SLA now shows up to the employee like this (Updated by Black, Joe 04/19/2017 5:52 pm — SLA changed from 4 to 2). 

    It now no longer shows the SLA time frame that we will use as a turnaround time reminder, thus not giving false expectation.
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