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RTL/LTR support

After upgrading from 1.9.12 I'm unable to see RTL/LTR buttons in HTML editor.

How can I enable them once again?

BTW, I read about this issue in Github but I couldn't know where I've to modify.


  • I haven't the foggiest idea what a "RTL/LTR button" is...
  • edited February 2017
    Right to Left / Left to Right buttons
  • There have never been Right to Left / Left to Right buttons in any version of osTicket's HTML editor (Redactor) that I have ever used.  There has been and continues to be a Alignment button that offers those however.


    Maybe you should clear your browser cache.
  • These buttons aren't Right to left / Left to right... these buttons are Right / Left alignment!

    More about RTL/LTR.

    IMPORTANT: The old version of osTicket has RTL/LTR buttons in its HTML editor
  • What is it you are trying to accomplish? It seems what ntozier said is what you are stating. If I am wrong, please clarify.
  • @Synt4xError I wonder did you try to open the link I've posted above!
  • lol Yes I did, and it shows exactly what Ntozier was showing, You either have the text placed on the left side, right side, or center it, and justify it. Unless I am missing something (it's possible) :)
  • edited February 2017
    I doubt you read the link carefully!

    In HTML
    <p dir="rtl">

    is not the same as
    <p align="right">

    I don't know how can I explain more (for god sake this is HTML basics) because I insist that article is good enough

    BTW, redactor docs talks about RTL/LTR is shown below, but I don't know how can modify osTicket for enabling this feature
  • I am a member to help as best as I can, just because I do not know something doesn't mean I cannot try to help. However, I appreciate the knowledge, it always helps.

    Now, both your photo and ntozier's photo show the same "Alignments" and "Layout Direction".

  • It is an easy fix. Just edit the file include/ajax.config.php, change the line (#28)
            $rtl = false;
            $rtl = true;
    and you will have the option again.

  • Was just pointed out, that it needs to be edited twice in the `include/ajax.config.php` file, in line 28 and line 52, one for SCP and one for Client.
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