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v1.10 some German language lost

Hi there,
I made a fresh install v1.10 and still have another install of v1.9.14. In both installs I have the latest German language pack. The strange thing is that in v1.10 some parts of the frontend is still in english. Can someone tell me what is wrong and what I have to change?



  • You say some parts of the front end (User) are in English.. yet the image that you include is a picture from the back end (Agent panel). Also what version is that screen shot from?  It looks like 1.9 to me.

    Either way they have never announced the multiple languiage feature as being completed.
  • Hi,
    the one picture is 1.10 the other is 1.9.14 to see the diffrence. I thought it would be maybe a bug, because I didn't expected that for a new version the whole language, also for standard fields like "assign ticket" has to be translated again. This doesn't make no sense to me but thank you for telling me. I will move back to 1.9.14
  • You are correct, I checked the system and it tells me it is 1.8. Something really went wrong with my upgrade. I will try to fix it. Thank you for your help.
  • But you only have one image on your post. :)

    Make sure that you download the 1.10 archive from  :)
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