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[resolved] Blank pop ups on version 1.10

Hello, i hope you can help me with my problem.
I installed osticket v1.10 and everything worked fine, except that i get blank pop ups when trying to create a new ticket or assign a ticket, even when i hover over the question marks, i get a blank pop up.

I attached my installation info and some examples of my error.




  • First image is so small it is unreadable.

    If you are getting blank popups then your server is not responding to AJAX requests properly. You should consult your webserver logs, and see what the actual error is.
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    Sorry, i didn´t attach the files correctly, i hope now you can see them 
  • I don´t get any error logs but as I can see on other threads the problem are the ajax requests  because I already changed my php version.
    I tried to modify my server firewall config but only my hosting company can configure security and they ask me what configuration I need, so maybe someone who knows what's the firewall config that osticket needs can help me, maybe the rules that need to be set off from mod_Security or something like that.

    And here´s the updated system info i have.
  • I enabled the error logs on the php config and got 2 files generated, one on the main folder and other one on the scp folder.

    I will attach the logs I got.
    Those are the two erros that appear on both logs, I don´t know if it has something to do with my blank pop up problem.
  • I tested again the pop ups and once the pop up appeared I used the developer tools on chrome and got the errors you see on the images attached, can anyone help me, my config is one of my other commentsimage

  • Hi Diegor,

    It seems you have modified the OSticket core files.
    As far as i know this forum cannot offer support to issues that occur to modified OST core files.

    Try doing a clean install of OSticket and see if the issue occurs in the clean install aswell.

    Best regards,
  • Those 500 errors result in a log entry somewhere (probably the Apache error logs) you should contact your host to get the actual errors and see about them making sure their firewall rules aren't borking the call.
  • I called my hosting company and they found the exact problem and created an exception for some files on the firewall, now my system is working correctly.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Very welcome. :)

    I'll mark this resolved and close it, but please feel free to star ta new thread if you run into any other issues.
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