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Change Custom list field wicth

Hi there,

here's my setup:

Informazioni sul server
Versione osTicketv1.10 (901e5ea) —  Aggiornato
Web Server SoftwareApache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu)
Versione MySQL5.7.17
I'm not be able to change size (width) of custom-lists fields...any hint about how to do?

Thank you,


  • This is not a feature in osTicket at this time.  You would have to edit the core files (most likely just the css ones) to achieve this.
  • Hi Chuck,

    You can probably achieve this by editing the theme.css file ( located in: \assets\default\css\ )
    If you provide a screenshot of what exactly you want to change the width of, i may be able to give you a more specific answer.

    Best regards,
  • Please make note of any changes that are done, when its time to update OSTicket, those changes will be deleted. You will then need to re-do the customizations you made. 
  • Thank you all!

    I'll give a try and let you know in case of problems...

  • Please do reply back letting us know the outcome. :) 
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