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online support center

On emails to users, there is some text at the footer:
We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email or login to your account for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses.
Any idea how to I can remove this? At the moment we are not interested in setting up a help/support center and accept tickets online, we just want to start with email tickets.


  • Yeah.  Edit your email template.

    in 1.10
    Go to: Admin panel -> Emails -> Templates -> Your Template
    Scroll down to Ticket End-User Email Templates.
    Click on Response/Reply Template.
    Edit it however you like.
    Click Save Changes.

    in 1.9
    Go to: Admin panel -> Emails -> Templates -> Your Template
    Scroll down to End-User Email Templates
    Click on Response/Reply Template.
    Edit it however you like.
    Click Save Changes.
  • Thank you ntozier!! Easy when you know how.

    I have managed to edit the template successfully, but now have a small issue with name.

    The reply email starts with Dear %{},
    And this gives the full name, eg Dear Joe Smith

    I want to change this to Dear Joe but it will not let me enter Dear %{},
    Do you know the variable for the first name only?

  • My templates use: %{}

  • My template uses %{}

  • Thx managed to work it out.

    My issue seems to be specific to tickets that are created by emails. The User Form is used online by the Help Center and so you can change the form to have First Name, and then use the %{}

    The problem is when tickets are created by emails coming into osTicket, and the email is from a New User and a new User Record is automatically created by osTicket. In these situations (almost 100% of what we are using osTicket for) osTicket will only populate the Full Name.

    I'll raise another subject in the forum about this.

  • Require registration to open a ticket?
  • If you need to register to submit a ticket you are then in a competition battle.

    Others - just complete a form and click send.
    Us - click to go to the support center, register your details, click create ticket, submit a ticket.

    We' lose!

    I think the only solution is custom forms. Unfortunately there is virtually no documentation so I have opened another discussion about this.

    You can close this discussion. Thx.
This discussion has been closed.