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Settings / Users / Templates / Sign-In Page

I'm currently customizing osTicket into French.
I have changed the Sign-In template (added French translation) but it has no effect on the customer login page.
Any idea why?
Thank you!


  • You really haven't given us enough information to assist you.  
    Version of osTicket?
    How are you trying to "customizing osTicket into French"

    Maybe install the French language pack?
  • I'm using v1.10
    I have installed the French language pack.

    When I go to Settings / Users / Templates / Sign-In Page I can see the flags for Englisg and French.
    I have changed the information into the French tab.

    When I access the home customer page, it is in French.
    When I click on "Open a new ticket", again the page is translated into French but the header is still in English.

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  • Sounds to me like your web browser is saying "send me en-us".
  • I have added 2 other language packs: Deutsch (German) and Nederlands.
    When I switch to different languages on the end-user sign-in page (with the flags), everything is well translated except this header message.
    I have tried on several computers and tablets, several web browsers (Chrome, IE, Safari) and I always have the same result.
    I have attached the screenshots of the log-in page and the associated templates in the 4 different languages.
    If you think it is more related to the server, do you have any idea of what do I need to change?
    Thank you for your help.

  • edited April 2017
    If the behavior is the same across all language packs then that string has yet to be implremented as a translated string.
  • Can you explain me how to do that?
  • No even remotely.  I'm a forum moderator not dev.
  • Here you will find a solution for your problem: Click here.

    Have a nice day,
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