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Manager Deleted 300+ Tickets...

Is there anyway to recover them, or are they like gone, like Mr. Spock?



  • Spock isn't gone... they got a new actor to play him. :)

    However they are gone unless you have a backup of your DB and can restore it.
  • We do weekly DB backups, and do not let anyone but Admins delete tickets, for this very reason.

    At most we would lose a weeks worth of tickets. Since most of ours are submitted by email, we still would have the original request and user responses in the email account (we have it set to move after fetching, not delete). We would just lose any internal notes and replies.
  • @ntozier - Thanks for the reply. As always, appreciated.

    @blueyeguy - Thanks for the tip.
  • Um, a manager deleted 300+ tickets huh? Does he know what color VGA and DVI cable connections are? :) 
  • To prevent this in the future perhaps manager should have their delete privs revoked. :P
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