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White website after opening a ticket

i´ll get a white website, without any answer, wenn i choose the preferences like shown in the screenshot:


but the ticket is shown in the admin area. the user gets an email,too

if i´ll disable the points "Spammy" in the admin area, everything runs normal, so the person who wants to open a ticket, can see some information after sending the ticket...

what must i do. it´s my aim to send an email to every department member, after opening a new ticket in the department


  • Hi

    If it helps I get the same, but I see the following in the error log

    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Dept::getDeptId() in /home/x/public_html/include/class.ticket.php on line 1009

    Also, in the SQL String - I assume 'onvavaion' should be 'onvacation'
  • I think that SQL string might be:-

    $sql='SELECT staff_id FROM '.STAFF_TABLE.' WHERE onvacation=0 AND dept_id='.db_input($deptId);

    or $this->getDept(); ??

    The answer is here
  • Don't forget the search every now and then, this is an old issue and has been solved already :)
    peter;580 said:
    The error occurs when Dept. members alert is enabled on new tickets!

    in include/class.ticket.php line 1009.
    $sql='SELECT staff_id FROM '.STAFF_TABLE.' WHERE onvavaion=0 AND dept_id='.db_input($dept->getDeptId());
    $sql='SELECT staff_id FROM '.STAFF_TABLE.' WHERE onvacation=0 AND dept_id='.db_input($dept->getId());
    Thanks everyone.
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