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How to add previous messages in ticket reply?


I want to add all previous messages to a ticket reply by an agent. How can I do this? Please help.
My osticket version is 1.9.12. 


  • This is not a feature in osTicket at this time.
    However you could use the Print feature to print to pdf and add it as an attachment.
  • Thanks for your time.

    I have added multiple agents. If one agent is assigned a ticket other agents not getting any alert. I want to keep them all alerted. In my case, all agents should know the status of all ticket. Is it possible with OSticket?

    I tried by creating a team, and configured to auto-assign new ticket to this team, but no luck. Only assigned agent and manager getting alerted.

    Please help me out. Thanks in advance.
  • We had a issue with this at one point (i think in 1.7, but I don't recall at this point) and what we have always done where I work is create a fake manager account.  (Say Admin IT with a new email address of whateveryouwant@domain.tld which is a distribution list) and set the alerts to go to that manage (aka admin), I've never bothered to change this behavior.
  • ok...suppose I created one manager email, like, and added all agent into this list. Now all agent will get alerted. But my doubt is, whether agents will get alerted mail like Hi itsupport or Hi agent_name?

    I just want to be confirmed before implementing.
  • I 'm not sure what you are talking about... you control the emails via templates.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the support. I have one more question.

    When agents reply through the mail it is appending to the ticket as an internal note but not giving alert to the manager. I want to send alert to the manager (only) when agents reply through mail. How can I do this?
  • Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Alerts and Notcies tab.
    enable "New Internal Activity Alert:"
    uncheck "Last Respondent" and "Assigned Agent/Team".
  • Now it's sending an alert to assigned agent only, not to the manager.

    When assigned agent reply from portal it sends alert to the manager but when agent reply through an email it does not send alert to the manager, it just adds an internal note.

    Please see the settings in the attachment.
  • I attached the wrong attachment. I tried to remove the attachment but it is giving error "Whoops! there was an error". 

    When I checked assigned agent/team and Department manager---> Only assigned agent getting alert, 
    when I checked only Department manager----> nobody getting alert

  • And when you go to the department... who is the manager?  HAve you confirmed in the mail logs that the account listed as the manager didnt get the email?  
  • Yes, I confirmed the mail log, the manager did not get any alert mail.

    Manager gets alert when
    1. user raised a ticket
    2. When assigned agent reply from the portal
    3. When new messages appended by user

    The only problem is when another agent reply to the mail, it's appending to the ticket but not giving alert to the manager(a mailing list).

    I have added a group mail id as the manager of the department, and all agents and manager are in this group mail id(as discussed above).

  • Am I going wrong anywhere? Can you please suggest what should I do?

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