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Automatic escalation ticket

Great day,
I was successful setup Osticket in my hosting, the features is completely and user friendly view.

But 1 important feature that missed, that is automatic escalation ticket if overdue by SLA.

Please let me know if the features available in new version.



  • What do you mean by escalation?
    Do you want it to have the priority raised?
    Moved to a different team?
  • I mean, when the ticket already overdue, in dashboard admin only view like warning, but the ticket not automatically assign to another highest agent / group ( like team leader / supervisor) . We have to manually assigned.

    That's important feature, it will be great completely if the features available in osticket.

  • edited May 2017
    For automaticly assigning the manager if the ticket goes overdue, you can try this:

    if($this->team && $this->team->getLead()){

  • Wow... Thank you so much. I will try first.
    If successful it will be great.
  • I already try but after overdue still not happen anything, only warning overdue in admin panel.
    I think the ticket will automaticly assign to support level 2 or another person like team leader, manager etc and they will get notification mail of the ticket.

    Can you explain the process ? or i still manual assign or transfer the ticket in admin panel?
    Thanks for advice
  • The code i posted checks if the ticket is assigned to a team and if the team has a team leader and then assigns the ticket to them.

    Do you see any error in the php log?
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