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Create a ticket as someone else.

Is there a way to disable the ability to create a ticket as another user?  I have an admin user who will at times create a ticket as the user having the issue. For example, I have an admin account.  I can sign in as myself, choose a different user under the user field, and create a ticket as them.  This however doesn't collect all the required information.  In addition to the user having the issue needs to be the one creating the ticket.  I can't make the admin account not an admin, thought I have tried talking to that person.  However if there was a way to do this in the back end that would just add a layer of peace of mind.

MySQL 5.5
PHP 5.5
osticket 1.9.14


  • I don't still have 1.9.14 so I don't know for sure, but is there a way to make the required fields that this person is not populating required so that they are forced to either provide the information or just stop being an asshat?

    in 1.10 you can go into your forms and make your fields required:
    Admin Panel > Manage > Forms > Ticket Details

    Select your field, click the Config button, and make it required for Users AND Agents

    But as I said I don't remember if this was possible in 1.9.14

  • Oooo the infamous blueyeguy!  *kowtow x3*  Appreciate your chime, they are set to "Required".  Since it specifies Required Agent or Required EndUser as well as Required, I'm assuming Required is for both.  Sadly this user lives to be an "asshat".  Unfortunately just revoking the privilege is not an option.  Going to the users boss would cause unnecessary friction in a work environment.  Good looking out though.
  • Hmmm. I cannot think of a way to prevent this staff from abusing their power in the system.

    Can you make them not an agent, and a organization manager instead?
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