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Change Grace periode to minutes

Dear All,

I just success to install Osticket, but my boss ask me to change the Grace Period to minute, is it possible to do it ?
Because i read in another discussion in this forum, no one that success to do it.

Thanks for advice,


  • Ok so, I must be missing something, but what do you mean when you say grace period? For what? 
  • osTicket does not and have never had anything called a "grace period".  Please advise what you are talking about. Please advise the version that you are running, and provide a screen shot of where you are seeing this.
  • Hi, 

    I am also in need of this feature, they are referring to the 'grace period' within an SLA at which point the ticket becomes overdue. At this stage, it is only able to be in hours and a whole number. 

    We have quite tight turn around times (15 minutes) and would like to be able to enforce this will an SLA.

  • ALTER TABLE `ost_sla` CHANGE `grace_period` `grace_period` FLOAT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';

    Now you can enter a floating point grace period.
    You can use 0.25 for fifteen minutes (15/60).

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