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Email to Ticket Setup

Good morning

I have searched all the forums for answer but i'm not sure what is the cause.
I'm running the following:
OS: Windows server 2016
OS Ticket: 1.10
PHP: 5.6.30

I setup the email and the imap / smtp settings, if i enable "email fetching" and "Fetch on autocron" it polls the email box and creates the folder on office 365 but it won't create any tickets from the emails.

Since the above did not work, i then setup the rcon file with my URL as "" and the API key which is linked to the same local address, using to ping the file. This method does not seem to work either. I have tried changing the URL and the API to a public ip which doesn't work either.

I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong but any help would be much appreciated.




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