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login.php page getting 500 error

This page was working fine and I made a change to the LDAP plugin which shouldn't have had any impact. Now when I click on sign in on the landing page I get a 500 error. The page is there and nothing about it should have changed. Any idea why this would suddenly become an issue?


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    changed or upgraded version of php?
    webserver configuration changes?
    webserver firewall changes?
    bad cache in the browser?

  • osTicket v1.10
    MySQL version 10.1.22
    PHP version 5.6.30

    This was working this morning and nothing changed as far as PHP, IIS and Firewall. Browser cache was cleared.

    The PHP error log shows this:

    [12-May-2017 18:54:58 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'ObjectNotUnique' with message 'One object was expected; however multiple objects in the database matched the query. In fact, there are 2 matching objects.' in C:\Sites\osticket\include\class.orm.php:1176
    Stack trace:
    #0 C:\Sites\osticket\include\class.orm.php(545): QuerySet->one()
    #1 C:\Sites\osticket\include\class.orm.php(350): VerySimpleModel::lookup(Array)
    #2 C:\Sites\osticket\include\class.orm.php(386): VerySimpleModel->get('user', NULL)
    #3 C:\Sites\osticket\include\class.user.php(966): VerySimpleModel->__get('user')
    #4 phar://C:/Sites/osticket/include/plugins/auth-passthru.phar/authenticate.php(68): UserAccount->getUser()
    #5 C:\Sites\osticket\include\class.auth.php(276): UserHttpAuthentication->signOn()
    #6 C:\Sites\osticket\login.php(109): AuthenticationBackend::processSignOn(Array, false)
    #7 {main}
      thrown in C:\Sites\osticket\include\class.orm.php on line 1176

    I am new at PHP but does this log entry tell you anything about what may be causing my issue?
  • Can you check the SQL query log?

    It's trying to get somehthiong from the database... and there should only be one thing returned... instead there are more than one.  My guess is that you have two identical users. (see ost_user table and see if you can figure out the dupes)
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