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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

osTicket Rebirth

Today marks the first announcement in more than two years of an updated osTicket roadmap. Many in the community have rightfully questioned osTicket viability given the duration of inactivity and for that we truly apologize. That said, we are located in gulf cost region devastated by hurricane Katrina causing some of us to understandably loose focus. However, with some normalcy returning; exciting things are on the osTicket horizon.

Due to interest from the community and to avoid further delays, we are going to bump a new version into the roadmap in place for the long awaited version 2.0. The new release, version 1.6, comes with new and improved features using v2.0 code base. In retrospect our v2.0 plans were too ambitious given the resources at hand and we hope this will give us extra time and room to work with the community in defining the future development plans.

osTicket team is also committing to frequent releases and providing dependable support to all users through free online resources and a full range of commercial support and professional services. osTicket forums is a great place to get assistance, guidance and be part of osTicket community. In addition to the forums, osTicket wiki provides useful collection of educational materials, documentation, and notes from the community at large.

We welcome thoughts, comments and feedback on how we can improve osTicket going forward


  • Great to hear that osTicket is back. I had used it a few years ago, but had no longer needed a helpdesk. Now, I am looking at starting an online business again and was looking for a good helpdesk system and remembered osTicket. Ones like Kayako are way overpriced.

    I can understand about Katrina. I live in the Gulf Coast area myself. Farther south than New Orleans. Fortunately, though, I'm southwest of NO and my area was very fortunate. The most we had was a couple days without electricity.
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