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Only last part of double last name displayed

Is there any way to display a clients (in some times a name has two words with spaces between them) full last name (Example: Max Von Sydow) only Sydow is displayed in a automated Ticket Response/Reply for instance:

Dear sir/madam %{}, 

Results in
Dears sir/madam Sydow,

Should be
Dears sir/madam Von Sydow,

Is there any way to fix this within the settings?

Environment details:
osTicket version: 1.9.15
Apache version: 2.4
PHP version: 5.6
OS: Linux (RHEL/CentOS)


  • Have you tried changing the name formatting?

    Admin panel -> Settings -> Users -> Name Formatting.

    I'm not sure where it is in 1.9.x.
  • @ntozier i changed the name formatting to "as entered" but no luck.
  • I dont think that you can do that.  I mean if there is a middle maybe... Your best bet is probably to use the full name.  Something like:

  • @ntozier the last one is somewhat in the good direction, but no luck that one includes the first name. 
  • That's why I said your best bet is to use full name.
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