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Customer Reminders?


Is there a function that would remind the customer that they have a pending open ticket if it is not answered within a certain amount of time? I know they have the feature for the admins, but not for the customer's side.

Please advise - Dan


  • Hi,

    There is no such feature today no.
    I can think of 3 options to do this
    1. Create a custom API that is called upon by a task scheduler that will send the messages.
      • +Least effect on the core code.
      • +Full control of when triggered.
      • -Not customizable in the interface.
      • -Same settings for all departments unless specified.
    2. Utilize the existing SLA function and check if the ticket is answered and instead of sending the reminder to the agent, send it to the customer.
      • +Times will be handled by osticket.
      • -Modifies core code functionality.
    3. Extend the existing SLA functionality and make database modifications to allow for a fully customizable solution.
      • +Customizable from interface.
      • +Times will be handled by osticket.
      • -Modifies core code functionality.
  • Every helpdesk system I have worked with never utilized something like that, it's intrusive to the client. The technician would try to contact 3-4 times and close if no word back. 
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