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[OSTicket v1.9.12] Help with Tweaks

Hello, we're using OSTicket as a reservations system and this is the current versions we're using:

The reason we haven't updated the osTicket version is because we've made a few tweaks ourselfs and it would revert everything to default.

So a few things we need help with are:

1- System generally slow retrieving and sending information. We're hosting the system in a windows environment and xampp and the server has enough resources and never struggles. Would we see better results hosting it in a linux machine?

2- When a "post ticket" is made it redirects us to the ticket list. We would like it to stay on the ticket instead of redirecting us. 

3- Even though we disabled the timing to automatically logoff an agent it sometimes logs off anyways, generally while posting a ticket.

4- Only 2MB max to attach a file. Can we increase the limit?

5- Sometimes our users merge a ticket by mistake. Im pretty sure unmerge is not possible and they just need to be careful but still leaving this here in case you guys have an unmerge option?

6- The search system is probably what we would really like to solve. Currently the search system works like this:

If you search "Van Dam" it will look for ANYTHING that has "Van" or/and "Dam". I am aware there is an advanced search but it wasn't really helpful.

Can we tweak it a little bit so it could search the whole expression?

7- Is there currently and option to copy tickets?

Well this might be a lot but it would be really good if someone could help me with some of these points.

Thank you in advance


    1. Difficult to say as a general considering all the possible combinations that can be made, so only one way to find out. Test it :)
    2. This should be a small modification.
    3. Are you on a laptop or a desktop? if it's a laptop and you connect at multiple locations that could be the cause.
    4. See this link:
    5. As far as i know there is no built in merge function in osTicket 1.9.x so we have no idea of knowing how you've implemented this.
    6. This should not be too difficult to change.
    7. dogatemycomputer posted a merge function for 1.10 that included a duplicate button for tickets, you could have a look at that.
  • 1. Will do soon

    2, 6. In which files should i look for these functions?

    3. It's hosted in my webserver and the agents are using it in desktops.

    4. Thank you!

    5. You're right i was informed that the merge funcion was implemented by us.

    7. Thank you, will look into that
  • 2. Since i don't have the 1.9.12 source code to reference too i'll reference to the code in 1.10, it should still be similar

    Change the link from: <a href="#post-reply" class="post-response action-button"
    To: <a href="?id=<?php echo $ticket->getId(); ?>#post-reply" class="post-response action-button"

    6. I'm not sure this is the same in 1.9.12 so i'll have to look at it before, but in 1.10 it's basicly the lookup function you need to modify:
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