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Ticket Notification Alerts


I am totally new to osTicket and have a fresh install of v10 on my server.  It operates fine and I am not having any trouble with installation.  Receiving email is my trouble.

I cannot find any step by step instructions on configuration of osTicket - like step one create a department, step two create an agent, etc.  I looked for something that listed all of the steps necessary to get everything working properly but I cannot find anything.  I either haven't looked hard enough or just not getting it.  So I am just bouncing around adding things, checking boxes and not having any luck or fun.

Here is my problem, I am not receiving any new ticket alerts, message alerts or anything that tells me someone opened a ticket or is responding to an existing ticket.  If I create a user and create a new ticket, that user receives the new ticket notice but no tickets/alerts come to me as the admin/support person.  If as the user I update my ticket I receive the update notice to my user address (separate from any other address) just like you would expect.  All of my email addresses are working and I can send a test email using the Diagnostic Tool in Emails > Diagnostic to all the addresses I have in the system.  As I said, as a user I receive a notice of my newly created ticket, so as far as I can tell the system is sending out email just fine.  As the one providing the support, I don't know if I need to be in a particular department, user, agent or whatever to receive notifications when a new ticket is opened or an existing one is responded to.  Right now there is only two of us so all newly created tickets and alerts can just go to one email address.

I have uninstalled osTicket to start from scratch and that didn't help either.

If there are some docs I can read that take me step by step (the wiki didn't help), videos (youtube didn't help) or anything else I am happy to do the work.  At this point I just can figure it out.

Thanks in advance,


  • Hey,

    It sounds like you're not assigning the tickets to anyone, the assignee is the one that gets the email about a new ticket.

    So in the help topic set the default assignee as yourself and test again.
  • edited May 2017

    Hallelujah!  I couldn't find that anywhere.  I just thought that if it wasn't assigned to anyone in particular it would automatically go to the admin.  Never thought to change it.  That's 10 hours I will never get back.  Is it the same for when the user posts a response to the same ticket?

  • Yes the assignee will get the messages :)
  • Great, thanks for the help!!
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