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No "Help Topic" Selection if there is only one active help topic option.

Doesn't make sense to show a "Help topic" drop-down menu in the new ticket frontend if there is only one help topic option configured/enabled under "Manage » Help Topics".


  • Thank you for the suggestion, but this is not going to be changed.  I dont know anyone who in 1000's of installations only use 1 Help Topic.  You are crippling the systems capabilities by doing so.
  • We want to use osTicket just to report issues, so we have and need just one single form: "Report an issue".

    Do we miss ideas, what other help topics could be useful? Would you have examples?

  • While agree with ntozier that it's a shame to limit the help topics, you can achive what you want easily with minimum effect on the core files.

    To: <tr style="display:none">

    Go to Admin > Settings > Tickets > Settings
    Set the default help topic to the help topic you want to use.

    Now the list won't show up (it will still be there tho :)) and the topic you've chosen will be automaticly chosen and it's options will be displayed.
  • So what, is the help topic report issue? Do you not care for statistics later down the line to see what issue is being reported most? Ideally folks put help topics like Desktop, Laptop, Hardware, Software, blahh blahh blahh. You sure you only want one topic?
  • @Micke1101: Thanks for the useful tip! That is actually what could be easily done automatically by the forum software. It just doesn't make sense to show a drop-down menu with a single choice

    > You sure you only want one topic?

    Oh, I am just clueless what else to add there if it is used to handle technical support inquiries. That's why I asked for examples. I would be grateful for examples what could be added which makes sense to separate from "report issue"
  • I would start categorizing it to similar for what I mentioned.

    I do not know what you support, so I can't just tell you straight out. 

    If you do computer support:
    - Hardware
    - Software
    - Network
    - Telephone

    Otherwise try what Micke1101 said, but make sure to always document what changes you make to your install. 

    Please note that we cannot really help further with personal customization, we can help troubleshoot issues that OSTicket is having (Not from third party vendors or modifications). .

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