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upgrade to php


We are currently running osticket v1.10 and our server currently has php 5.4.45.  

We realise that we need php5.6.x and we want to upgrade this.

I wanted to ask if anyone has experience with this type of upgrade?

During the upgrade I realise that we may experience some system down-time, but other than this will it be seamless to the users/agents? 

Do we also have to worry about lost data when we upgrade? 


  • Your data is in your database, MySQL or whatever you are using. That won't be lost, but you should make a backup of your ostconfig file that has your username, password, and database prefix in it. @Ntozier, any good recommendation on upgrading of PHP? I would assume it's delete PHP folder, install new one, and re-point the correct paths in the config file. It's been a while since I have updated, sorry.
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