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Move ticket to other department v.1.10

Hello ! I spent 1 hour trying to find how to do it. 
I have 2 test departments and user , that have all access for these departments and administrator access too. 
Additionally i checked , that this user have access to move tickets between departments. 

But i couldn't find how to do it. No buttons , menus etc.. 
Could someone describe this process step-by-step, please?


  • Users cannot transfer tickets to departments, only Agents can.

    Agents need the permission to transfer.  Then they would click the transfer button.
  • Then i wrote "user" i mean agent.

    i have agent with admin rights and with full access (include transfer) to 2 departments and cannot find "transfer" button.
  • edited May 2017
    I found something in ticket list. Miove mouse to ticket number without click , in AJAX windows i could see "transfer" link. but then nothing happens
  • edited May 2017
    Ok. i found. 
    This button is empty and not active in Safari Macos.
    Do you have bug tracking system there i can describe this problem?
  • When you say that your agent is an admin you mean that you checked the tick box at Admin panel -> Agents -> their account?  That has nothing to do with permissions.  It means that they are an osTicket admin and can edit osticket settings.

    Also if you transferred a ticket from department A to department B you already said that the Agents have access to both of your departments... so it would appear that nothing would happen.  You would have to look at the ticket itself to see what department it is assigned to and if it changes.

    Yes you can report bugs at github.
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