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Issies with LDAP plugin

Hi all I have installed the LDAP plugin, but I cannot make the settings stick, or at least it does not appears like they are being saved. When I go back to the settings page it is blank, and I cannot login as a user. Where are the settings supposed to be saved? Thanx
Also I am using OpenLDAP and all examples of the setup so far only refer to ActiveDirectory, but I am assuming that is not too much of a problem - unless it's looking for users under "people" but we have them under "persons"?
OPSTicket 1.9.15
Apache/2.4.6 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) OpenSSL/1.0.1e-fips PHP/5.6.30
Plugin version: latest


  • Go to: Admin panel --> Manage -> Plugins
    Click on the plugin that you want to configure (in this case: LDAP Authentication and Lookup).
    Enter your info.
    Click Save Changes.
    Deal with any errors that appear at the top.

    Back at the Currently Installed Plugins screen tick the check box and click More.  select Enable.
  • Yep done all that it's still not working. If it's trying to write the config to disk, I may have an issue with SELinux, that's why I am asking where it's saving the info.
  • It saves it to the database.  Specifically ost_config.
  • Thank you for that, I finally got it to work. What I found confusing is the fact that despite the fact we are not using AD, it would not save the settings unless I filled in the AD domain name. This is very confusing!
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