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Canned Response Variables

Hi all,
I wonder if anyone knows how to create an additional variable similar to the ticket variables you can use.

We are trying to implement a feedback system and wanted to pass the closing member of staffs ID number so we can track feedback across to the other system.

I have looked at - bu there isna;t anything I can find that covers the staff ID number apart from %{ticket.staff} which gives us the the full name of the member of staff, but has a space in it and didn;t really want to pass this in clear text.



  • You would ahve to alter the core source files to do this I think.

    We used to use the Ticket #, so that we could tie the feedback back to the ticket in question.
  • Yes I saw that, might just use that. Thanks for the confirmation.

    Will have a play with the code and see if its possible.
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