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Setting up sending mail via SMTP


I've given the forums a search, so my apologies if this is something that has come up before...

I'm struggling to set up an outgoing mail server.  I'm using 1&1 and need to send via on port 587 using TLS.  The server also requires authentication.  I've tried prefixing the hostname with tls:// and ssl:// as I saw, certainly the latter, mentioned somewhere, but no luck.  Each time I'm presented with the error:

Failed to connect to
ssl:// [SMTP: Failed to connect socket:
Connection timed out (code: -1, response: )]

Failed to connect to
tls:// [SMTP: Failed to connect socket:
Connection timed out (code: -1, response: )]

Hope somebody wouldn't mind giving me a hand to get going... thanks!


  • You should probably talk to your host. I know that other people have reported trouble with 1and1 in the past.
  • To get gmail to work I needed to allow Header Spoofing
  • edited May 2017
    I am going to bet you have GoDaddy. But it sounds like a firewall blocking the port.

    Edit: didn't know 1&1 was a host haha. Yes, I agree with ntozier.  
  • Thanks... will do.  Could somebody confirm if I need to prefix to TLS?
  • I have not heard if that's the case, only SSL. But it failed to connect to socket means it cannot reach where it's trying to go. Port blocked, your host utilizes the port for something else, or firewall. 
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