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[resolved] Installed latest XAMPP, setup OSTicket, no errors, can't login!

I installed the latest XAMPP version which includes Apache 2.4.25, MariaDB 10.1.22, PHP 7.1.4, phpMyAdmin 4.7.0.  XAMPP installed perfectly.  I downloaded OSTicket 1.10 and extracted the archive and copied the upload folder to c:\xampp\htdocs\osticket

I ran the setup and went through the install process.  I changed the XAMPP Mysql password and used that password in the setup of OSTicket.  No errors beginning to end.  I have the login page in front of me but when I type my username and password, I am just redirected back to the login page again.  Tried logging into SCP and I get "Valid CSRF Token Required".  

I tried Chrome and IE no luck in either.

No idea where logs are or where to start.  Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hmmm, that version of php is a bit high, I am not sure v1.10 works well with it. There may be another cause to your issue, but out of all the threads I read, there are different issues with 7.1.x. Can you downgrade your PHP to 5.6.x for testing purposes? Someone else may chime in with a better response, but I feel your issue is because of the php version. 
  • recommend that you downgrade to PHP 7.0 or even better 5.6.
  • Yea I can do that.  Thought I read somewhere it was compatible.  I will just grab an earlier version of XAMPP with a lower version of PHP and try again!  Thanks for the insight!
  • That got it working, thank you!
  • Glad to hear it.  Should I close this and mark it resolved?
  • Yes please.
This discussion has been closed.