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Dependent dropdowns


In the Agent Panel, there is the option 'New Ticket'. A lot of our clients will call the main computing office for an IT/non IT request and a request is done that way (i.e. some emergency request that we have to address asap) outside of OSTicket, so some tickets get entered into the system after the fact. Is there a way to get the dropdowns in the Open a new ticket options to be dependent on each other, i.e. based on the Help Topic? I attached a screenshot of what I am talking about. This way an 'invalid' ticket doesn't get created, i.e. someone chooses a help topic suited for the procurement office but then it gets sent to the IT department and the agent assigned is in the media office.

I am using version 1.10.



  • sorry here's the screenshot

  • Simply put No.  This is not a feature of osticket at this time.
    But you could probebly write an API script to open the ticket that way.
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