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Can't POST to view ticket details

Hi there, i'm trying to make a call to my osTicket site to view a ticket detail from an external site.
I have the ticket number and the e-mail, so I should be able to check the ticket details without logging in.
So in my external site, I'm making a hidden form like this:
<form method='POST' style='display:none;' action=''>;
   <input name='lemail' value=''>
   <input name='lticket' value='133257'>
and then pushing submit();

The POST executes, with the /login.php URL and the form data makes it to the osTicket site, but it's like it doesn't care, or doesn't login, so it takes to me the index.. any ideas? maybe I'm loosing something? like cookies or a token?
I've already tried everything..
Thanks in advance!


  • What you are describing sure sounds a lot like a a cross site scripting attack... So needless to say it will never work.

    You will have to write your write to make a db call to get the information you want.  You should create a second DB user that only has READ privs to the DB and only from the host that you are running the remote script on.
  • Thanks! that must be it.. =/
  • Very welcome. :)

    Do you want me to close this thread, or do you want me to leave it open so that you can post your solution after you've coded it?

    BTW this article is a little dated, but might assist you.
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