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protected pages

Due to the limitations of using HTML by redactor, we have created a few HTML5 miniature websites with additional information about several subjects, and we offer those links via canned responses.
Is there an easy way to protect these sites and make them only accessible to users that are logged in ?

Using osTicket 1.10, Apache/2.4.25, MySQL 10.1.23 PHP 5.6.30


  • Below are 2 suggestions with minimum modifications, the best way would be to include the login page into the custom page if the user is a guest.

    Blank page with error message
    if(!$thisclient || $thisclient->isGuest())
      die(__('You must be logged in to use this site.'));

    Redirects to login page
    if(!$thisclient || $thisclient->isGuest())
  • Thanks a lot for your fast reply!
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