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Issue summary not showing on new ticket screen

osTicket Version: v1.10 (901e5ea)
Web Server Software: MS-IIS/8.5
MySQL Version: 5.5.45
PHP Version: 7.0.15

When I'm creating a new ticket from the Tickets tab, the Issues Summary field is not showing.  I would like to be able to enter information into that field to become what is listed under Subject when looking at the tickets on the Tickets tab instead of the Help Topic field being used as the subject field.  I have enabled the Ticket Details form so it should be showing. 

We are initially going to be created tickets as needed in introduce the system, but having every new ticket's subject be the Help Topic will get confusing very quickly.  Even if we created more help topics, it would be impossible and/or not feasible to constantly create them as new issues/topics appear.


  • I'm not real sure what you mean.

    But I would go to Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details.
    Scroll down to Issue Summary, click on Config.
    Click on the Settings tab.
    make sure it's visible, etc.
  • Here is the Settings tab:


    Here is the New Ticket:


    On the New Ticket screen, the Issue Summary field does not show up anywhere.
  • I also tried checking all the boxes, but the issue summary field still does not appear.
  • I also tried logging into the user portal and created a new ticket.  The issue summary screen does not show up there either despite it being set to enabled, visible, required, and editable by users.

  • edited June 2017
    Found it.

    Had to go to:

    Admin Control Panel-->Help Topics-->Help topic being used (Report a Problem for me)-->Forms


    Enable has to be checked here as well as changing the config for the Issue Summary field on the Ticket Details form.
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