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Departmental SLAs

Does anyone know how I can make it so depending on what departemnt a ticket is in automatically changes the SLA assigned to it?


  • Hey Sam, you could use help topics for that.

    Let's say you have a department called Graphics.
    You could name your help topics "Graphics - Request" and under the tab "on new ticket" or whatever it is called you can set the department the ticket should be assigned to and the SLA as well.
  • I've managed to do what I needed and now when a ticket is overdue this happens

    Does anyone know how I would make the whole box surroundig the date red not just the text?
  • You would have to figure out a way to inject css into that section to change the display. Which would mean finding the section of the code and figuring out what css to add.
  • If different departments have different SLAs will a ticket have its 'overdue' removed if it moves to a deparment with a longer SLA time?
  • No.

    Once a ticket is overdue, it is overdue.
  • edited June 2017
    Is there anyway to make it not overdue from the UI?
  • I mean sure... but you would have to monkey with the source.  And every time you update you would have to find and replicate that alteration.
  • Any idea how I would go about that, ideally I would need some button or somthing that would make it not overdue until the current SLA has passed 
  • Change the overdue date?
  • @Micke1101 do you mean go in and edit the ticket to move the due date further in the future?
  • Yes, that should remove the overdue flag.
  • Doesnt that render SLAs useless then, if the SLA for one department is 1 hour and it goes overdue if the ticket is moved to a new department I would want the overdue marker reset because departemtn 2 may have a different SLA agreement than the first
  • You can find that setting under admin panel, when you edit or create a SLA the point under Status should be what you described.
  • @MartinLKP I'm confused, what do you mean status?
  • Not really sure how it's called actually. I think it's probably Overwritable or something like that? The description should read something like SLA can be overwritten when transferring to other department. I never tried it myself since we only have one department but that should be it.
  • @MartinLKP I've tried that however the 'Overdue' marker is still present, what I need is a way to say if the current departmental SLA is 1 hour and it goes over mark it as overdue, then if I move it to a new department with an SLA of 2 hours it will remove the Overdue marker and start the SLA timer from the time I moved the ticket
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