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LDAP Authentication Error - Client Access

 I´m having a problem with the LDAP Client Authentication, i do know if i´m configuring something wrong or really have any problem with the plugin.
 The Staff Autentication with LDAP is ok, is working well, the problem is only with the client authentication to search or open tickets.

My system info: (Microsoft Active Directory)
Atached: sys_info.png

Plugin Modes Info:
 Atached: Ldap-Auth-Modes.png

Client Registry Config:
(I selected Active Directory on Authentication Backend when registered the user and informed the AD user)
Atached: User-Registry.png

 When a client try to authenticate to open a ticket with the LDAP credentials the system deny the access, with no reason.

 The clients are registered and the some of them are Staff and still not success to access the Client area.


ps: Sorry because the bad english, i´m still learning. :)


  • no attached images.

    Please see:

    Make sure that you implement that change as well as the one linked in the thread.
  • Attached images.
    647 x 323 - 24K
    766 x 454 - 33K
    509 x 130 - 9K
  • Versão do osTicketv1.9.14 (8b927a0)
    Software de Servidor WebApache/2.2.22 (Debian)
    Versão do MySQL5.5.54
    Versão do PHP5.5.38-1~dotdeb+7.1
  • Did you implement the two patches?
  • I didn't found any of those codes on my ajax.users.php.

    See on attached.

  • Then you are running an older version and should upgrade to current.
  • Hello,
     I upgraded osticket to the current version and apply the patches, but now even the staff can't login.

     One question, your usernames are only numbers, i remember that i read somewhere that osticket have a problem with only number username, it really have this problem?

  • It's not a "problem" its by design.  But yes, you cannot use all numerical usernames.
  • @ntozier do you know where can i suggest this change to osTicket developers team?
  • It's already been suggested previously.  I do not know of any plans to implement though at this time.

    To answer the question though you would go to: 

    And add your support to the thread by posting to it.
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