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Storage :: Attachments on the Filesystem

Version OSTicket = v1.10
PHP version = 5.6.30
Mysql Version = 
Webserver = Apache

hi all,

we installed Storage :: Attachments on the Filesystem
and after an amount of time it doesn't work any more
 it called an error 
(defunct — missing) so our files doesn't store
any more on the filesytem 

when i delete it it wil be shown as:

What i've tryed:
Re download the plug in -> No Effect
Restore all files -> No Effect

So any one that fased this before? 


  • The only time I have ever seen "defunct - missing" it meant that the plugin was missing (it was deleted by me).

    I would recommend that you look at your PHP error log and see what the actual PHP error is.  And check to make sure that the plugin is still in /include/plugins

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