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Need to be able to unassign team when reassigning to an individual

I have opened a topic in the past but the solution did not work well.

I need the ability for anyone to reassign a ticket that is currently assign to a team to and individual and therefore remove the assignment of the team.

Is the possible in any of the new releases? 

As of right now there is an unassign feature but it is only available to the department manager. It would be workable if even just that feature was able to be used by more than just one person.


  • Via the UI If you need the team a ticket is assigned to to not be assigned to that team then you will need to assign it to another team or another department.  I think that Department managers can also unassign tickets that are in their department(s).

    You can change it at the DB level... and I imagine that it wouldn't be that hard to make a button that simply sets the Department or Team to 0 in the db.  That information is stored in the ost_ticket table.  dept_id, staff_id, team_id.  Setting them to 0 means that they are not set.
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