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Custom list and forms

I added 2 custom list called Location and Store Name. I added those two on 'Contact Information' so that when a user creates a new ticket, they can select their location plus the store name to describe where they are at. But when they hit submit and I look in the ticket view and review their problem I noticed that the location and store name are not added to the ticket user info section. Please help.


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  • edited June 2017
    include\staff\ line 360

    You can see the code for each bit of information, you can eiter change one to display what you want, or copy one of the ones already there and change the information to display what you want

    EDIT: This actually starts at Line 232
  • Do I need to make a function for my new custom list that I wanted to be included to display? 
  • If yes, where should I place that function? Thank you.
  • osTicket version 1.9.15
    Please answer. Need help.
  • Appears that you added the fields to the wrong place if you want them to show up there.  Add the fields to "Ticket Details" and they will who up on that screen.  Otherwise you will have to edit the core files and get them to display there. (This is not something that I have ever done, and cannot assist you with.)
  • Okay, thanks!
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