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Primary Contact - New Tickets

  I know this issue seems to have been discussed many times.  However, I was wondering if anyone has any workarounds for this issue.  Basically, we rely heavily on Organizations in OS Ticket.  Each company is defined as an organization with all users underneath.  It works perfectly.  However, there is usually a person in the organization (operations officer/manager) who would like to get notifications of tickets the users of that organization submit.  New tickets.  This option does not seem to be available yet in OSTicket and I was wondering how other people are addressing this issue?  I suppose we could setup some sort of email server side rule that forwards new tickets to this person outside the scope of OSTicket.  We just want the person designated as the "Primary Contact" of an organization to get new tickets.

Any thoughts?

We LOVE this project.  It keeps getting better and better.  THANK YOU



  • Would it work to have the responsible as a organization manager instead of primary contant?

    Admin panel > Settings > Tickets > Alerts and Notices > New Ticket Alert > Organization Account Manager
  • Thanks...Well, it is possible.  Bu this person is really just a regular non IT person who will not be working tickets.  She just wants to see new ticket emails to manage things.  Actually, I am listed as the account manager as their IT consultant so I need to get those new tickets and forward to my team. So if I change the account manager can I too get those NEW ticket emails?

    Thanks again for your response.

  • I don't think there's anything built in for it.

    But you could create a fictive account that use a distribution mailbox and then just add the responsible at their site to the distribution list and yourself and both of you'll get the emails.
  • Thanks very much.  That is what I was thinking too if there was nothing in OSTicket for this.  

    No worries...I will give this a go.

  • Maybe I am missing the point here. 
    We set the Primary Contact in the organization and then allow ticket sharing and check adding Primary contacts to all tickets for the organization.
    This is in v1.10

    screenshot attached

  • Thanks very much for your response.  We have tried to set it up this way but the initial "New Ticket" email only comes to the Account Manager.  The Primary contact can see all the tickets but it is that initial NEW ticket email.  The primary contact never receives it with the settings you describe.

    The main reason for this is that the Primary Contact does not want her employees opening up all these tickets for support without her knowing about it.  For instance, some support requests might not be valid or can be fixed in house.  She wants to see that initial ticket to make that determination as to whether or not we should work it.  

  • What about configuring a ticket filter with an action of:
    Send an Email - and send the email to the primary contact.


    If the initial email is well structured maybe this filter could just trigger on the intiial request rather than on every incoming email from the organization.

  • Thanks very much...I will check into that.  That might fit the bill if I can add the new ticket data into the ticket action in the filter.

    I will test it out.

    Thanks again for your help!
  • I'm not sure that will work the way that you want it to.  Ticket Filters only fire when a ticket is created, subsequent updates the filter will not fire.
  • I think that is exactly what he wants then - as the subsequent updates are handled by configuring the primary contacts for the organization.

    Thanks for that bit of info - that explains why I can't stop some auto responses updating my tickets - I tried with a filter and couldn't figure out why it wasn't triggering :)

  • Thanks for this input...Much appreciated.  However, I can not seem to get the email structured properly with variables.  I am trying the various variable options but the results of the field is "Array".  I have found others with this issue and it appears to have something to do with the fact that the email filter is being triggered before the ticket is created so the variable is null.  

    So how do I get the email sent with variables exploded to a recipient?  For instance, ticket number, person creating it, content, etc. 

    Thanks again
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