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A columns selector for ticket viewing panel and exporting to excel


This is in relation to a customization I've been looking for.

Goes as follows:
  • A column field selector in which you use checkboxes to only view columns you want to from the ticket fields.
  • Include custom form fields here too if the ticket has them.
  • This can be a right click on the columns or a button somewhere in the corner.
  • The exporter will then export to csv/excel the selected columns present in the ticket view panel.



  • Thank you for the feedback.

    While I will pass it along I'm not particularly clear on what it is that you are asking for, so you might want to do a mock up.
  • edited June 2017
    I cannot edit my post anymore.

    Attached is a image from a fortigate firewall device which allows you to select columns.

    My feature request is to achieve this in the tickets view pane with all ticket fields and custom form fields if any in the particular ticket.


  • Hey

    Is this a better explanation yet? I'd like some feedback.
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