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File storage folder

Anyone here who knows about what should be written here?


  • A path to a folder that the webserver can write to.
  • Should I create an "attachment" folder and include that to the path?
  • I did, depends on your server how you do that, but yes. 
  • And the path file should look like this:
  • Or I need to make a database for my attachments? Please answer.

  • Q: And the path file should look like this:
    A: The only person that can tell you that the path should look like is you... Since you created it and know where you put it.

    Q: Or I need to make a database for my attachments? Please answer.
    A: Attachments are stored in the DB by default.  That changes if you install a storage plugin to save them elsewhere.
  • I tried the first one (which is to create a folder that has a path of /public_html/helpdesk/attachments but it says "Path do not exists".)
  • And I noticed that a file included by the user for his/her ticket was being saved in a table name "ost_file" under <company name>_ticket database, where in all files (including the websites' files) are there.
    How will I move it to a table "ost_ticket_attachment"? 
  • Then "/public_html/helpdesk/attachments" is not a valid path.

    Q: How will I move it to a table "ost_ticket_attachment"? 
    A: You haven't configured the Storage::filesystem plugin and activated it so all attachments are being stored in the database.  You should really NOT muck around in the database unless you really know what you are doing.

  • FYI: @nmalgapo: We can't suggest a valid path unless you tell us what server you are running. /public_html is only valid on a linux system with a root directory called "public_html" that the webserver has access to. If you are running on Windows for instance, then that isn't valid. You'd need a path like: "C:\public_html\helpdesk\attachments" then set the CACL to allow the IIS AppPool\<YourApplicationPoolName> (or whatever it is now) to have access to it. 
  • Yes I also realized that thing, thanks! I am actually running my osTicket in windows and I am using hostgator. Now my problem is the CACL that you're talking about. :(
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