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Make Email not required

Hi all 

We use osTicket in the background, user interaction is only by email or phone, no access to the portal. 

With our phone customers it can sometimes be that they dont have an Email address (or maybe dont want to give one). Now I have seen that you cant actually 'untick' the Email requirment. Makes sense obviously for an Email ticketing system but I was wondering if it would be possible and if it is, what the consequences are. 

Alternative is just to use a dummy address, e.g. my own email address. 



  • Hi All

    Have the same problem, no nead for eMail but is mandatory, can u help plz!

  • We get a load of MMS tickets, which are mobile_number@provider emails. That works.

    If you don't even need that, just type out their phone number and use something simple, like
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