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Hello Everyone,

at first i want to apologize if my English is not so well.

I started to use OsTicket in a secure environment and wantet to know whether I can bind an account to a specific IP. For example I want to bind the Administrator to the loaclhost. I set the mark on "bind Agent Session to IP" without any difference,

I use the Osticket version v1.9.9-1-gbe2f138.
If someone has an idea how to solve that issue I would be really glad:)


  • edited June 2017
    Admin panel -> Settings -> Access -> under "Agent Authentication Settings", check the box to the right of "Bind Agent Session to IP".   This binds the current session to the IP that is presented by the remote end.  It does not setup some login restrictions (similar to those found in MySQL).  There is no means to do that in the ui currently.
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