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Maximum Open Tickets for "Agent"

It would be perfect if it would be possible to also activate a max. amount of Tickets that an Agent can open / see.
Therefor it can be assured that the Agent is not only reading the ticket but also answering it.
Also if it would be possible that the agents automatically see the oldest tickets by default. So it is assured that they get answered first. Unless the Ticket was answered or Assigned to a person in charge, the Agent should not be able to open other tickets.

Would this kind of function be possible or is it planned for future releases?


  • Agents open tickets for Users. So having a "Max open tickets for Agents" really doesn't make any sense.. since Agents cannot open tickets for agents.  Max tickets per user is already a thing.

    Changing the ticket queue is the purpose of the forth coming "Custom Queues" feature being released in 1.11.

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