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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Error con V1.9

Buenas tardes, instale la versión 1.9 de osTicket y al parecer todo esta bien, pero cuando genero un ticket los correos no se envían ni al administrador del sistema ni al usuario que generó el ticket.
Adjunto documento con pantallas, espero puedan ayudarme, gracias.


  • Parece que al abrir un hilo no carga el documento, lo adjunto nuevamente.
  • Google Translate:
    Good afternoon, install version 1.9 of osTicket and apparently everything is fine, but when I generate a ticket the mails are not sent either to the system administrator or the user who generated the ticket.
    Attached document with screens, I hope they can help me, thank you.

    Second post:
    It seems that when opening a thread does not load the document, I attach it again.

    You have not included your email settings, and your autoresponder settings, and your Alerts and Notification settings.  There is no way for us to troubleshoot this.
  • Buenas tardes, con Lo Que adjunto PUEDE ayudarme?
    Si no fuese así por favor indicarme que más tengo que enviar, gracias.
  • Google Translate:
    Good afternoon, with What Attached CAN you help me?
    If it was not so please tell me what else I have to send, thank you.

    It does not appear that you have configured your email (IMAP/POP or SMTP server).  so you are trying to use PHP to send your emails.  Does your webserver have a MAIL MTA installed?
  • Sí, tenia razón ninguna configurar El Correo ya lo hice y llega al administrador la alerta del nuevo ticket, pero al usuario que envió el ticket no le llega el aviso que creó un ticket, por favor donde configuro esta opción, gracias
  • Google Translate:
    Yes, I had no reason to configure Mail and I did and the administrator receives the alert for the new ticket, but the user who sent the ticket does not get the notice that created a ticket, please where I set this option, thanks

    Admin panel -> Configuration -> Emails
    Change "MTA por defecto" to your account that you just configured.
  • Perfecto!!!!!
    YA funciona, gracias por el apoyo
  • Muy bien. :)
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