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Profile Picture

Hello! I want to add a feature that users can upload a profile picture so that admins of my osTicket can easily recognize them. Can someone please help me? Thanks a lot if there's one. :)


  • Moving thread to Mods and Customizations.

    osticket uses Gravatar.
  • Does osTicket can support feature like users can upload their own preferred picture?
  • edited June 2017
    Users can use, its their gravatar. They can upload whatever picture they want.
  • Gravatar is too complicated for the layman user.
  • Then you have a problem.  If a web page that you can log into and set your email address and profile is too complicated for your users, then your users will certainly not be able to create accounts, log into, and describe what their technical problems are by filling out a form, and clicking to submit it, or any other web page with forms on the entire internet.
  • Hello ntozier, could you explain how the gravatar functionality works? When in the admin panel under users or agents I see I have a drop down menu to select some default gravatar icons, which is cool, but I do not see any ability to upload or connect gravatar accounts? Where would this feature be located?
  • See:

    Gravatar Images are associated with an email address. osTicket checks with gravatar to see if there is an image.  If there is, it uses it.  If there is not, it uses a default one.
  • Gravatar requires from what I see an account with Wordpress, which many will not have and will not want to create. Especially my customers. It would be better to allow image uploads, a nice professional photo of oneself to display to customers. And they in turn, may want to post a photo of themselves. I for instance, have never met many of my clients. 

    Maybe someday...
  • Gravatar requires you setup a Gravatar Account (which is also  You can also log into their service using Google.
  • It's more easy, upload de profile picture. 
  • edited April 26
    True fact, many customers/users are idiots and should probably just not use computers at all. We fix computers at our shop and if the customers are too old and grouchy to try to learn new things, and refuse/can't create their own account and use the ticket system to streamline their communication with us then they either pay us a premium to type it all in for them (and wipe their butt), or else they get frustrated and angry and poop their adult diapers and have a temper tantrum and filter themselves right out the door to Microcenter where they can become some poor underpaid person's problem and wait in line even longer, and still have to use an electronic system to open an account.

    When they raise their voice and use profanity I tend to make the suggestion that they might be happier if they gave up their singular-purpose computers and go back to renting VHS tapes from the 18+ back room of the independent movie rental store.  And maybe stop driving too.

    We scan drivers licenses and attach them to their customer account under a custom field. As long as they are uploaded as a jpg it's just 1 click to see their picture.  We've never considered introducing them to the scary word gravatar, so we found a workaround as mentioned.  I've thought about modifying the user profile to display the image instead of the link.  If I do I'll share it.  But so far this is working for our needs to discourage people from trying to get us to reset passwords on stolen Macbooks, or rip us off with stolen credit cards.  

    But joking aside, OSticket has really helped us organize our dog and pony show and overall it is widely loved by our computer literate customers who love that they can manage their own issues anytime they want from the comfort of their house and don't have to actually call us on the phone.
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