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Getting 403 Forbidden when trying to access setup page


I've just finished setting osTicket up on a Ubuntu VM, got to the last part where I browse to the site and I am getting blocked with a 403 Forbidden. I am not sure where I messed up the permissions or if it is something permission related.

I was following the guide at this site -

Is it something permissions related or am I just missing something simple?

I've checked the access logs under nginx and I see my computer trying to access the site so I know its going to the right place but I'm not sure why I am being blocked.

I am running on Ubuntu 16-04 with PHP version 7


  • nginx is not a support webserver for osTicket at this time.  Many people have reported issues using it.  There are a number of threads at github that you would want to read for the necessary settings changes, I'm not sure if the article you linked covers all of them as I do not run nginx.  Also I would not recommend PHP7 at this time, I recommend 5.6.   The devs have even said install with 5.6 and then upgrade to 7 if you want to run PHP7.

    403 sounds like a permissions issue either in nginx or at the file level.
  • Okay, thank you.
  • Can this thread be closed please?
  • Closed at your request.
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