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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Resolution mod not applicable for ver1.10

In version 1.9.14 we were using Resolution mod which is described here and it worked. Since we migrated to ver1.10 the mod became inapplicable - some parts of code in newer version differs or don't exist at all which were used in ver1.9.14. For instance, there were variables declarations and SQL queries in class.ticket.php like described here but most part of code has been changed in ver 1.10.

Can someone suggest is there any workarounds available for that? Couldn't find any up-to-date relevant mods.
As a possible workaround it can be used Forms feature, however it doesn't allow to place Resolution dropdown menu in the ticket view. So it requires firstly to open Edit Ticket, set resolution there, and then from within a ticket view I can close the ticket. With Resolution mod both ticket State and Resolution were on the bottom of the ticket view page and could be used at the same time.


  • Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details.

    Add a field.
    Click Config.
    Set data integrity.

    This makes the field required to close the ticket.
  • Hi ntozier,

    Yes I know and I tried this option but that seems to be not exactly what we need here. It doesn't allow to Close the ticket unless you go to Edit ticket and set Resolution (custom form) there. After that you have to go back to Ticket view or Tickets list page and close from there. It would be more handy if Resolution and Ticket Status option could be beside each other because logically you are setting Resolution when Closing ticket.
    Once again just to be clear, at the moment to close ticket properly with resolution I have to:
    1. open ticket
    2. open Edit page
    3. set Resolution (custom form)
    4. Type a note
    5. Click Save
    6. Return to Ticket view > open Internal Note tab and Type a note (again!) + set Ticket Status to Close
    7. Click Save (again!)

    What I am proposing is:
    1. open ticket
    2. open Internal Note tab and type a note + set ticket Status to Close + set Resolution (from the same page).
    3. Click Save. This is how it worked before with Resolution mod!

    1. Open Ticket
    2. open Edit page
    3.  type a note + set ticket Status to Close + set Resolution. Currently there is no option to change ticket status from Edit page.

    Or, alternatively, when Data Integrity is enabled and when trying to close the window to make a pop-up window asking to set Resolution.

    I hope it's clear now!

    I appreciate if you can suggest something because this is important for us. We purchased Reports mod recently which didn't work properly with v1.9.14 therefore I had to upgrade to v1.10 and that screwed out Resolutions....

  • @ntozier,

    Can I have any updates on this, please?

  • You would need to find a way to say if the resolution isnt filed in when you try to close the ticket, force this pop up box where the contents of that box corresponds to what should have been entered in the resolution box in 'Edit Ticket' 
  • If you figure it out, let me know! These forms are annoying.
    I hacked up my own backend script to work around it.. it doesn't use forms or fields.
    I feel close to understanding them, but I'm missing something and didn't have any more time to figure it out, other code to ship.

  • Q: Can I have any updates on this, please?
    A: I'm not sure what you want for an update from me.  You asked us how to do something that you used to use a mod for.  I told you how to do it with out using a mod.  You don't like the way it works.  If you don't want to use it that is your decision, but I do not have any alternative answers for you.
  • @kuriackovskij you would have to do something similar to what I have suggested.

    You would need to find the code that corresponds to the 'Response' field and add some code to say - if this isnt filled in when the reply button is clicked (and status is being set to closed) pop open a box with an entry field that can be filled in (and then whatever is entered in there, needs to populate the 'Resolution' box for this ticket.

    Something like that would allow you to get around having to edit the ticket, however it would involve a lot of source code changes.
  • @Sam_Parris,
    Thank you. I had this idea in mind as well, however I am not sure how to achieve that as I don't have enough php coding skills and unfortunately time works against me.

    @Grizly, if I will have any solution for that I will definitely post it here.

    @ntozier, from you, as from forum moderator, I wanted to hear something more constructive, at least something like you are going to speak to devs to see how difficult this is achievable or can it be implemented in future versions - as this option has demand according to what I found on the forum. But thank you for your help anyway.

  • @Grizly,
    I have an idea of using Ticket filters, but this seems to be not working. Under the ticket filters you can set a condition to change Ticket status to "Closed" if certain condition is met, in my example it would be when Resolution is equal to something. But this filter seems to be not working - I will open another thread to clarify on what basis filters should be fired up (what triggers it?)
  • edited June 2017
    @Kuriackovskij I'm sorry that you feel my instructions were not constructive.  This has been suggested before several times, the result was what I told you about.
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