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How will I REQUIRE the captcha pre-installed in the osTicket? It is only ENABLED but NOT required. 
My sole purpose for this is to require users to really type the captcha code else, they cannot send a ticket.


  • What makes you think it's not required? I just tested mine, and it refused to create a ticket with the captcha incorrect or missing.
  • I made a dummy account to test my osTicket. I tried to open a ticket and it was sent successfully even I did not typed the captcha code. I checked on the admin's panel and I received the ticket.
  • Would this be related to:

    I can't help with 3rd party themes mate. Maybe contact the author?
  • Do you know how to lengthen the captcha code? I wanted to make 7 character code with mixed uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers. To what page should I edit? Thanks
  • moving thread to mods and customizations
  • I found it in /captcha.php simply change the first number in the constructor to whatever length you want. 


    $captcha = new Captcha(5,12,ROOT_DIR.'images/captcha/');

    $captcha = new Captcha(10,12,ROOT_DIR.'images/captcha/');

  • Thanks! I'm now done with it but I noticed captcha is not case-sensitive. :( User can create ticket as long as he/she typed the captcha in small letters. (shown was in uppercase)
  • But Google Recaptcha isn't case sensitive...
  • Found the robot! lol :-)
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