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Google ReCaptcha not working

We ave added the ReCaptcha. If you see the page, seems to be all right. But in effect the protection is inactive.

Added in
    <script src="" async defer></script>

Added in
                    <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="OURKEY"></div>

Any solution to this problem?

We must protect the system from Bots!


  • Sorry, just to clarify, you're getting fake tickets via the webform, despite the Captcha? so you've added Google's ReCaptcha, and that isn't working.

    Surely those are just the client-facing form files? How are you verifying the response from Google?  You need to intercept the form and verify the JSON from Google, then allow/deny the form.

  • Grizly, please try this

    If you don't touch the recaptcha, the form is already sent.
    I have tested the messages from/to Google and this works.
  • I'll say it again, but in a different way, you've only done the first half.

    Read the link I posted above, it's literally step two of implementing it yourself and starts:

    "This page explains how to verify a user's response to a reCAPTCHA challenge from your application's backend. When a reCAPTCHA is solved by end user, we will return a user response token.

    It doesn't even try to prevent the form being sent!

    If you were a bot writer, would you bother implementing a full JavaScript stack if it worked fine without JavaScript?
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